Each one of you can change the world, for you are made of star stuff, and you are connected to the universe.
– V. Rubin

A few recommended reference materials:

Nextgen Lunar opportunities listing – http://nextgenlunar.weebly.com/job-postings.html

Expectations of Ph.D Student-Supervisor mode of work – link 1, and link 2 (short quiz).

A writing guide for petrological (& other geological) manuscripts by T.N. Irvine and D. Rumble III – link to pdf

A glossary of terms and definitions used in analytical geochemistry by P. J. Potts – link to pdf.

An editorial view on publishing articles by Marc D. Norman and Penny L. King – link to pdf

Six things to do before writing your manuscript and eleven steps to structuring a science paper – link and link 2

Francis’s perspective on writing – link

Authorship, some considerations – link, link 2 (b), link 3, as per COPE that guides us (link 4).

Writing highly effective reviews of a scientific manuscript – Link

A quick guide to writing a solid peer review – Link

How to review a paper – Link

The art of responding to reviews – Link

Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editorsLink

A list of useful editorial resources including some addressing ethical dilemmas in scientific publishing – Link

Food for thought re. ‘troublesome’ metrics relative to altruism, and integrity that should be inherent among academics – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5206685/ 

If you wish to continue in academia this concise little black book is recommended.
A PhD is not Enough! A Guide to Survival in Science by P. J. Feibelman link to pdf
(The slim paperback is satisfying too.)

The UK academic system [with wider relevance] by G. J. Barton – link to pdf

A useful resource with career planning tools and much more – www.vitae.ac.uk

UK concordat to support research integrity – link to pdf

Tips for running your own research group (Wellcome Trust)  – Link

AGU’s policy on scientific integrity and professional ethics (2017) – Link

Geochemical Society’s career center  – link

European Association of Geochemistry’s early career section – link

AGU’s career center – link

(HHMI) Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty, Second Edition – link from which to download the full book

(HHMI) Training Scientists to Make the Right Moves – link from which to download the full book

Error propagation – link (summary) and link2 (uncertainties and error propagation by Vern Lindberg), and link3