gca cover2017, Special Issue of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Highly Siderophile Element Constraints on Earth and Planetary Processes  Completed.

Guest Managing Editor: Amy J.V. Riches
Supervising AE: Mark Rehkamper
Guest Editorial Team: Anat Shahar, Laurie Reisberg, Marc Alban-Millet, Brian Kendall, Al Brandon, Chris Dale, James Brenan, Harry Becker, Ian Campbell, Nicolas Dauphas, Raul Fonseca, Chi Ma, Fred Moynier, Iain McDonald, and Holly Stein.



Print2019, Academic Book under contract.
Habitable Worlds and Sustainable Life on Earth and Beyond

Image credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Natalie Batalha/Wendy Stenze

Editor: Amy J.V. Riches
Contributing Authors include: Queenie Chan, Yoko Kebukawa, Maitryee Bose, Hideko Nomura, Zita Martins, Joaquin Ruiz, Ian Crawford, Nicolle Zellner, Dave Waltham, Charley Lineweaver,  Michelle L.D. Hanlon, Samatha Rolfe, Yo-Anne Velez, Ariel Anbar, Holly Stein, Sean Gulick, and Amy Riches.

pop sci2020, Illustrated Children’s Book – Where is Ali the Alien’s Home?   underway

Author: Amy J. V. Riches
Illustrators: Alexandra Lefort and Julius Csotonyi




Should the published books prove successful my intention is that monies will seed a charitable trust with the specific purpose of supporting outreach to-, and research and higher education opportunities for-, promising young people of low-income and non-traditional backgrounds who have interests in planetary science. This nucleus may grow if philanthropic donors are then engaged, thereby furthering help to proactively address inequalities.